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Working together with FGD means to open up an access to :

A number of foundries of diversified cast materials

  • EN-GJL-150/200/250 EN 1561, EN-GJS-400-15/500-7 EN 1563
  • Expertise in selection of additives and modifiers to meet specific requirement of the castings: machining, temperature and performance...

A number of foundries with different molding techniques

  • Traditional molding/tapping machines for small and medium runs
  • Fully automated molding lines DISAMATIC type with vertical molds, unmatchable quality of the castings surface and dimensions : castings up to 200 kg with the frame/tool size 1200x1050 mm
  • Manual molding on the shop floor: single, above standard production.

Integrated machining sections to limit the castings relocations from the casting process to the final assembly.

  • Typical operations such as: drilling/milling/threading, turning, grinding...

Paint shop for the protection of the castings against corrosion and improvement of their final look

  • Base coat according to spec
  • Full palette of RAL colors in line with requirements, matching the master part.

Design office for the development of new products and ideas

  • CAO : modelling, simulation...

Logistic means focused to rapid response and optimised management of your stocks

  • Weekly shuttle between France and Poland
  • 72 hours delivery in France for your products stock managed by FGD.